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Pasante Unique Condom Review

To be honest I’ve been quite excited about reviewing this condom – not just because the only time I get to have sex is when I review a new product.

Pasante Unique Condom
The Pasante Unique Condom

Pasante have tried and succeeded to break all of the rules in making this condom:

  • It isn’t made from latex
  • It is very very thin
  • Its packaging looks more like a credit card – not as thin – perhaps 3.5 mm in its outer card wrapping (not featured in the picture supplied).
  • The inner packing does not open as a normal condom would, so when you are opening the Pasante unique for the first time pay attention to the instructions.

I like the design and format of the packaging – it certainly feels better to carry around than a few loose, more trad. condoms.

First impressions on opening the packet:

the condom is rolled up into a thin tube and once unrolled looks a bit more like a traditional condom. It still has to be unrolled onto your penis and once it is has about a 2cm skirt at the base our your penis. The skirt has a little green sticker on it saying “penis this side”, so it is pretty difficult to not get it on the right way.

The material is made of seems pretty close to polythene in feel, but is a new synthetic resin called AT-10.

Mine had a sell by date of 2013 and we are now half the way through 2009 – so that is a pretty long shelf life.

Length and width:

this is quite a long and large condom that does not have much stretch in it material. A combination of the contained lubricant with the heat is design to cling to your penisĀ  and it certainly manages to do that.

The experience:

I enjoyed having sex using this condom – you can tell it is thin and the differences in its design (including the packaging) made for a more exciting and enjoyable experience – for me at least.

Conclusion: I don’t know if this condom is for everyone, in fact I’m sure it’s not, but it easily performed well enough for me to say, “try it – it could become your favourite condom”. It is in my top 3 now!

2 thoughts on “Pasante Unique Condom Review

  1. Really hard to get hold of these, hope this vendor has stock.
    Having got used to these, the putting on being a little different to the norm.
    Have gone back to other brands owing to supply problems with Pasante,
    I’ve not found a replacement that gives the Pasante level of satisfaction/pleasure.
    Some negative comment on google I feel is a bit unfair, the critic has rather a small screwdriver!.

  2. It has no give at all, no elasticity.
    If you have a large girth of ~15 cm (~6″) then you might run into problems getting it on.
    I did manage to get it on after I lubed up and let the erection go down a bit.

    But a promising product, that thin feeling is tempting. Worth trying out to see if it fits you.

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