At 12 Condoms our moto is “keep it simple”.

You want to buy condoms, we sell them.

Free delivery – that’s simple!
Low prices – that’s simply great!
Fast delivery – I simply can’t wait!
Discreet packaging – simple!

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    • The EXS Snug Fit condoms is silicone lubricated. The condoms are slightly smaller for reassurance.

    • Glow in the Dark Lubricated Latex Condoms. When you are looking to surprise or just to have some fun, Love Light will add a new dimension to your love life. Just expose to light for 30 seconds, then prepare for a night to remember! Along with more excitement, Love Lights provide protection.

    • The Protex 0.02 condom is one of thinnest latex free condoms at 0.028mm, the feeling is completely different to any other condoms.

    • The Pasante delay condoms are designed to prolong lovemaking through desensitising the penis.

    • Pasante King Size condoms are our best selling XXL Condom.

    • Pasante Unique Condoms are the world’s thinnest condoms as far as we know. They come in packs of 3 (x2) in a credit card style packaging. We sell quite a lot of these, perhaps because they are so different.

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